Deck Repair

Allow me to ask you a question, dear readers.  What is your favorite outdoor spot?  We’ll take a shot in the dark and say it’s your deck. And since you’re here right now, we’re probably right!

See, decks are amazing. They serve as a pretty good space for family and friendly hangouts, party areas, and also for the ever-popular barbecue Sundays as well.

Decks are accommodating and flexible, exactly what you wanted, as a— you know, homeowner!   And for it to stay that way, Illinois deck owners— you need us. The best deck builders in your area.  We’ll repeat a (rather pessimistic) saying— nothing can stand the test of time. And for the most part, we kinda agree! Your roof won’t, your sidings won’t, and your decks aren’t that far off either.

But that is if you don’t take the necessary precautions to avoid the common wear and tear your deck will most likely go through. Especially if the weather isn’t exactly on your side.  As a homeowner— you need to take that extra step in order to maintain your deck’s appearance and integrity.   And in light of this, we’ll ask you some important questions. You have a deck, correct? Have you noticed anything wrong with it in the past few weeks?

We’ll give you some examples. Wood getting loose, chipped, or worse, rotten? Are boards suspiciously springy under the weight of your steps? A graying and aged appearance?

Seems familiar? Well, that’s weathering for you. Time, combined with the elements, is disastrous to the structure of your deck.   Unless you do something about it. If you’re experiencing these and some, you might want to get a deck repair as soon as you’re able. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away, so if you want your deck to return to its former glory— deck repair services are the key.   Board replacement, railing replacement, fixing the stairway, repairing the drainage— etcetera. Deck maintenance is also important, from removing stains to deep cleaning, sanding, and staining; it keeps your deck in tiptop shape, so you should do so every few years, or whenever you see fit. Whatever you need to be fixed, there’s a solution for it!

And you might be wondering— what is the solution we’re talking about?

It’s us! We’re Belleville Deck Company: the best choice you can make when it comes to all of your deck’s needs. 

And by everything, we mean everything

Deck maintenance, check. Deck repair, check. Deck restoration and deck staining, check and check. 

We employ trained technicians, we source only quality materials, we’re licensed and certified, yadda yadda. In short, yes, we’ve got all the qualifications needed to keep the business up and running.  The real question here is— why should you trust us to work on your deck? Here are 3 reasons to convince you. 

1.          We’re the real deal. We’re legitimate and licensed, which a lot of deck builders can’t say for themselves. (Oops, that spilled out). We’re guaranteed and already established, so you know we’re not some first-timers nor slap dashers. Also, our expert technicians have been on the field for years, and as homeowners, you’ll probably take comfort in the fact that we’ve done all of this a thousand times already. We’ve learned, through experience, the best way to fix any problem— from deck staining to deck maintenance.

2.        We’re not ‘laid-back’. If you’re used to workers who don’t exactly do their jobs to the best of their ability whenever the actual project comes around, then don’t expect the same from us. We get things done perfectly and within the set time frame. If there’s a deadline agreed on, we do our best to meet it— without compromising the quality we promised. Belleville Deck Co. is efficient, thorough, and meticulous in every project we’ve done. Be it deck repair, or deck restoration. But don’t take our word for it! Check out the gleaming reviews from our previous clients.

3.        Customer service. You heard it, we’re the best at it. When it comes to customer satisfaction, we’re simply unparalleled. We take pride in the fact that we put our clients’ needs first and foremost, and that we do our best to deliver them according to their standards. After all, you’re the homeowner, and it’s our job to cater to you. So don’t be shy in raising valid concerns— we’re nice people, and we have no qualms in answering any questions you might have.

So, what are you waiting for, Illinois? Contact Belleville Deck Co. now— and get the dream deck you’ve always wanted.