Deck Installation

belleville deck repair

Have you been dreaming of your very own deck? Well, then, what if we tell you that the time for dreaming is over? it’s time to turn all your deck dreams into a reality.  Finally owning a deck has never been easier. (At least, with us!)

Have you imagined your deck to be a sprawling outdoor expanse? Or maybe a dainty little spot for intimate hangouts? Whatever your dream deck is, we’ve got the goods (and the skills) to make it happen.

As homeowners, Illinois, we’ve all had the vision to make better use of our outdoor space. And, what better area to build than a deck, amirite? 

Granted the freedom for endless remodeling, your deck can turn into quite a versatile space. Alfresco receptions? Birthday bashes? Friendly gatherings? And best of all, BBQ get-togethers? 

Sounds good? Take it from the best deck builders in Illinois, decks are the perfect place to celebrate, and we know how to make them just the way you like as well.  We’re Belleville Deck Co., the leading deck company in Illinois. Tested and proven, we’ve set out to hundreds of homes to build the deck of their dreams. (And all with very good results, just check out the customer reviews we have!)

Expert Deck Installers

We’re certified, legitimate, and legally operated (which is more than what our competitors can say, if you know what we mean). Armed with expert technicians, and quite a lot of experience— we’re the best choice a homeowner can make for a guaranteed deck experience. 

We offer professional custom deck installation to Belleville, IL, and all surrounding areas. If you’re near, we’ll definitely consider it. 

If you already have a vision for what you would like your deck to look like, we’ll help you piece out the full picture. Design, materials— the whole nine yards. But if you want to look at some samples to help you decide, no sweat, we also have a portfolio waiting for you.

Our deck installation services are thorough and detailed, so we want to make sure that the clients are actually satisfied with how things turn out in projects. Of course— we’ll consult with you every step of the way. 

So, right here, right now, dear readers—we’ll give you a head start. Let’s discuss wood decking options.