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Decks are often considered an important part of our homes (and even many other establishments). Whether you’re a deck owner or not, no one can deny that they provide a great upgrade to our properties, all while giving us valuable space and a neat-looking house exterior. Where else would we think to place our outdoor furnishings and have a nice little area for family and friends to hang out in? But if you’ve been a deck owner for long, you’d know that they aren’t just up for display – you’d actually have to put in the work to keep it well repaired and maintained. Aging wood, creaking floors, and broken parts are sadly a part of the house deck experience. Sooner or later, you’re going to end up needing professional deck repair to fix up the damages on your deck – which so happens to be us, Belleville Deck Company!

As a trusted deck repair in the city and its surrounding areas, we make sure that none of the homeowners we handle stay with several deck problems for too long. From our top-notch and in-demand deck repair services, all the way to deck installation and deck staining in Belleville, rest assured that we have everything that our busy deck owners would need. No worries on our side! To an experienced and renowned deck repair company, there’s no project big or small. Belleville Deck Company is always up to the job when it comes to repairing and restoring any kind of deck you may have to a better and safer condition. Trust us – working efficiently, with our Belleville deck builders well-trained and available round-the-clock, anywhere in Belleville and surrounding Illinois cities – it’s just second nature.


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Why would I need an expert for Deck Repair in Belleville?

House decks and porches are nice to have and all, but with swings in temperature, moisture, and other external factors…then it might not bode well with our friendly space. Constantly checking and cleaning the area is the bare minimum must-do, unless you do want an abandoned and rickety look to your deck (we won’t judge!). Beautiful porches that extend the beauty of your homes are the dream for many deck owners, so it’s very important to inspect regularly for common home deck repairs. Even the subtlest of broken floorboards deserve the side-eye and going the DIY route sometimes never ends well.

Searching for a deck repair near me (or if you’re from here, “deck repair in Belleville” will do!) is often the best way to go, and saves you the precious time, resources, and labor at the benefit of your convenience. Who wouldn’t want that, right? Whether you’re a regular homeowner, a busy businessperson, or an industrial client, a professional deck repair contractor can find and solve any of your common problems like:

– Loose rails and broken boards

– Rusted and loose screws

– Rotting wooden beams and supports

– Drooping, splintering, and cracking surfaces

– Soil erosion around the deck

Needless to say, when it ends up taking the toll, it can be dangerous for your safety, and you can end up needing an entire deck installation in Belleville. So, this is where our first-rate deck repair services come into play. We know that you need a team that has the know-how to all deck problems imaginable and can work quickly to get the job done ASAP. And that is exactly what you’ll get when you work with Deck Repair Belleville! As fellow owners that care for house decks and porches, we understand the urgency when it comes to unkempt decks and porches that need immediate repair, so we make sure that our 24/7 Belleville Deck repair service is always open to our dear deck owners – they’re a lot more common than you think. Whether you need to tighten a few parts or an entire rotten wood replacement, our deck builders will always show up on time and can get the repair work done before you know it.

Why Should You Choose Belleville Deck Company?

For one, we are one of the leading deck repair companies around Belleville, so choosing to call our number means your house decks are in safe hands. In our years of working with many types of deck owners, we know that solutions to deck problems aren’t one-size-fits-all, so we offer a wide variety of deck repair services to accommodate you! You can call us to come to replace a few decaying and rotting wood surfaces with our deck rot repair services, fix upstairs and railings, tighten a couple screws and nails, inspect some aging and weak posts and supports, or even perform deck maintenance for you – you name it! It doesn’t matter if you own a floating or attached porch, have one wrapped around your home, a multilevel deck, an entire detached island-like deck, a side yard, swimming pool deck, entryway, over-garage deck – anything. As long as it needs fixing, we’ll come knocking at your door with no hesitation, no strings attached. Commercial and residential deck repairs are one of our fortes after all, and one that is quite the demand with our clients. Guess not all roughed-up decks need an entire deck replacement – just a couple of fixes, deck remodeling, and deck restoration Belleville can do wonders for you.

If you need more convincing on why we’re the #1 choice when it comes to repairs and installations in Belleville, then your wish is our command:

  1. We’re quick and efficient

– The moment you call our number, Belleville Deck Company won’t beat around the bush. We know that our customers would want to get to the bottom of the repairs before the damage becomes worse, so our team of deck builders moves on the dot so you and your family can enjoy the newly improved deck as soon as possible. We make sure to keep all the needed materials and equipment always available, so the job is completed sooner than later, and all you have to do is sit back and wait for the repairs to get done.

  1. Our team is experienced

– Our deck repair company has been in the deck repair and deck installation business for years, and surely nothing beats a team that has handled many types of deck problems and knows the ropes of the job. We put out everything in the line for each of our clients – whether it’s our highly trained carpenters or state-of-the-art equipment, you’re guaranteed a quick and quality deck repair exactly as you want it when you work with us. 

  1. We value your safety

– For your peace of mind, Deck Repair Belleville is equipped with the necessary certifications and licenses for all our deck repair and installation service in Belleville, not to mention you are insured and secured under our watch. During our repairs, we also conduct several safety measures to avoid any unwanted damages that might get in the way of the job. Rest assured that your properties are safe and sound.

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Belleville Deck Installation Service

If you so happened to come across the wonders of having a deck attached to the outside of your homes and thought: ‘I want one for my property, too!’

Then you came to the right place.

Deck Installation Belleville is exactly the kind of service that you need right now, and our team has long been building an endless variety of both pre-designed and customizable house decks so you can start thinking about all the layouts, furnishings, and gatherings on the outdoors from now on. Who would want to pass up the chance to bring great value to your properties and have a nice space for you to relax outside? Our deck installation team will surely make it happen.

You can choose from a huge catalog of our deck materials and designs that will surely match up with your home design and the kind of porch you got in mind. Big or small, commercial or residential, our professional team will accommodate any yard or porch of all shapes and sizes and work with you to develop a customizable plan to determine your scope, budget, and individual needs. It’s not a one-size-fits-all after all. Have a few material choices in mind? Choose one that fits both your aesthetic and budget:

  1. Pressure-Treated Wood – not like regular wood that’s painted and sealed, until you cross fingers that the UV rays and rainy days won’t be much of a bother. It is one of the popular choices, as it is more resistant to moisture and sunlight, and easier to install.
  2. Composite Wood Fiber – a more refined, manmade type of wood made from fibers, plastics, and bonding agents. It provides tons of benefits, such as durability, a longer life span than pressure-treated wood, little maintenance, and a slip-resistant surface for humid areas.
  3. Vinyl/PVC Decking – it’s perfect for those who want a waterproof deck, and extremely durable and resistant to cracking, rotting, and splintering. The material is low maintenance and easy to clean, and also has a unique aesthetic to it.

If you want to start everything from scratch and haven’t decided on the type of deck that fits your home, you can contact our expert Belleville deck installation crew to come to assess your homes and ask for design recommendations. Depending on the landscape of your homes, you might want to consider these types of decks that we offer:

– Floating or Attached Deck

– Wrap-around Deck

– Detached or peninsula-style deck

– Multi-level deck

– Side-yard deck

– Swimming pool deck, 

– Entryway, over-garage deck, etc.

We also offer a custom deck installation in Belleville to find the best deck for you and your yard. Let your ideas run wild when you work with our team, and we’ll give you a detailed rundown of what works best with your landscape, home design, dream deck, and your preferred budget. 

‘What’s in it for me?’

If you haven’t gotten the memo, adding an extension of your house like installing decks offers a great amount of value and is definitely worth the investment. Here are some of the benefits you can get your hands to when you consider calling the trusted Deck Installation service in Belleville:

  1. Creates an area for more activities

– House decks are mostly used to host parties and gatherings for your close family and friends, but you can take in all the space to yourself to relax once in a while. Fill it with more furnishings according to the layout you’d want – it’s your deck, your style. 

  1. Increases aesthetic appeal of your homes

– With our varying selection of wood and architecture, you can design your decks with matching paint colors and deck staining finishes to improve the overall look and make it seem natural and appealing. And most importantly, following the aesthetic, you’d want to go with. You can even place decorative assets around to complement your house design.

  1. Expands your living space

– Every added square footage of space to your home is always welcome. It’s up to you, really, to know what to do with it: have it as a space for eating, a house for your potted plants, or use it as a patio. It increases the value of your property, anyway.

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Sounds good? All there’s left to do is to call the number to a top-notch deck installation company to put things into action – in which case, you don’t need to look any further. Deck Installation Belleville has the entire package laid out in front of you: the best deck installation in the city, an experienced and well-trained team of deck builders, the selection of quality deck installation service, and a guarantee for an efficient, hassle-free, and satisfactory job well done. So don’t hesitate to give us a call for free estimates on our deck repair and deck installation in Belleville – your dream deck awaits!

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