Deck Staining

Decks look perfect… at first— but does it stand the test of time? 

I’m sure we can all agree that some things lose their luster over time. And decks are no exception. Literally. With your deck right out in the open, and the elements threatening your deck’s stability and physical exterior— you need something to protect it. More importantly, something to revive it.

No matter how pretty your natural wood color is, after some years— the ending is probably a dull greyish shade. And that’s not very flattering. Without maintenance, your deck’s appearance would likely continue to deteriorate more and more. 

Not All Deck Staining is Equal

Market value? Reduced. Curb appeal? Nada.

That’s why your best choice is, ladies and gents— deck staining. Not only does deck stain highlight the grain of your wood decking and enhance the aesthetics of your previous decking— it also actually increases the lifespan by preventing rot, moisture, and infestation.  Deck staining, contrary to popular belief, plays a big part in deck maintenance. So if you want to keep it visually pleasing, while protecting your decking— deck staining on a regular interval (or as needed, depending on your area) is recommended.

When it comes to all things deck-related, the professionals at Belleville Deck Co. are the leading deck builders in Illinois. We’re certified and licensed, and we’ve already helped hundreds of homeowners bring their deck back to its former glory.  Depending on your deck, deck staining services might include: scraping dirt and chipped paint from the deck to prep the exterior, power washing the wood down to its crevices. sanding the surface, and lastly, staining or painting. Whatever you need done.  You might ask— what’s the difference between staining and painting the wood?

Deck painting can result in bold and solid colors. Whatever color you might think up, it’s possible and absolutely doable. But, it is more prone to wear and tear than staining.  Meanwhile, deck staining, on the other hand, only serves to bring out the original tint and grain of the wood. As we’ve said, it also protects your wood from the elements, and it certainly lasts longer. There’s a variety of stain color selections we offer, and we lump it together in three categories. 

One, the natural wood stains— a classic choice for homeowners who want to go for an organic look. Second, the dark stains; which are a great choice for more modern and industrial-themed homes. And lastly, we have two-toned stains for the ones who can’t decide, amirite? Anyway, kidding aside, two-toned stains have also become very popular for their combination of opaque and semi-transparent stains.  Oh, and we can’t forget deck waterproofing. Since moisture can lead to some serious damage whenever the rainy season rolls around, this is the sealant you need in order to minimize water deterioration. While deck stains have their own water-resistant properties, waterproofing provides a more protective surface on the wood.

Deck maintenance— it makes all the difference. And whether it’s deck staining, deck waterproofing, or both, Belleville Deck Co. is here to help.  Contact us today!